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Standard English

Discover more freedom with English

Anyone who speaks English can have a say - also internationally. Our Standard English courses are ideal if you want to learn English for everyday use. English opens doors for you all over the world.

We offer Standard English all year round for every level, from beginner to advanced (A1 - C2). Our placement test shows you your optimal course level. In these courses, all aspects are trained: reading, listening, writing and speaking. One focus is placed on communication.

Depending on the level, 80 - 180 teaching units are required to complete a level.


Lesson = 45 minutes

All prices incl. taxes.

When registering for private lessons, please choose your first appointment. All other lessons will be determined during your first appointment.

Standard English Private lesson 10


10 lessons

Individual curriculum

Standard English Private lesson 40


40 lessons

Individual curriculum

Standard English Private lesson 20


20 lessons

Individual curriculum

Standard English Private lesson 30


30 lessons

Individual curriculum

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