Finally graduating

This type of course has been developed for those interested in languages from the 11th grade onwards who want to prepare specifically for the requirements of the A-levels. The A-level course is particularly recommended for those who want to study English in more detail in order to prepare for the corresponding examination of the general university entrance qualification.

A-level preparation course

The course content is based on the requirements of the Austrian Ministry of Education for the Central Matura.


  • Reading (receptive)

  • Listening (receptive)

  • Writing (productive)

  • Language in Use (productive)


  • Reading (receptive)

  • Listening (receptive)

  • Writing (productive)


Lesson= 45 minutes

All prices incl. taxes.


Preparation course


10 lessons

Group lessons

Min. Number of participants: 6


  • Semester break

  • Easter break

  • Summer holidays (dates will be announced)

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