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How to learn English grammar easily

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Are you planning to learn English and think you will have to learn a lot of grammar rules to be able to communicate? Read on and you will find there are ways to speak a language fluently without making grammar a priority. Here are some tips to help you learn English grammar easily.

What is grammar?

Grammar is a set of rules that explain the structure of a language. It's an essential part of any language, of course, but you certainly don't have to be an expert on grammar rules to speak.

While spoken language is understandable even if it lacks grammar correctness, the problem is when you have to write an article for a blog, a comment for social media, or a paper for school. You need proper grammar for that.

The grammar of your native language

Think for a minute about how you learned your own language. For the first few months of your life you were exposed to your speech - you listened - and you began to recognize and use the sounds you heard. Then you could put those sounds together into words. By the age of two, most children can put two or three words together, and by the age of four they can form quite complex sentences. At this age, you can speak using grammar without ever learning it. You make a lot of mistakes, then you correct yourself. You repeat words and sentences until you get it right.

Listening is central to language learning

It’s the first language skill humans develop. So as a foreign language learner, you need to devote time to actively listen to your target language. Play podcasts, TV shows, or movies and actively engage in the material. Take every opportunity to listen to the language as spoken by native speakers. When you watch a movie or a language learning video, for example, do not just focus on the visual stimulation. Listen for the inflections, tones and rhythms of words.

It may not look like much but listening is powerful.

Repetition is a vital element of language learning

Repetition can take the form of replaying videos, rereading words, rewriting vocabulary, re-listening to podcasts and re-doing games and exercises. In fact, spaced repetition (an evidence-based learning technique that is usually performed with flashcards) strengthens and consolidates memories of things it encounters regularly and frequently. Spaced repetition is simple, but highly effective because it deliberately hacks the way your brain works.

How to easily learn grammar with Team English

Understanding these early stages of language learning can help adults understand how to learn a second language. Team English's method follows the same principles:

  • An environment where English is spoken from the start.

  • Listening is the foundation of all lessons as it is the first skill to develop at each level.

  • After you've listened, speak. Just like children, you make mistakes, but you correct yourself.

  • At this point you will read the new language and learn to use it in writing.

  • To practice. Once you have learned the language in this natural way, practice so that the new words and phrases become automatic.

  • Just like children, after learning and practicing, reflect on the language that you can now use by doing some exercises.

Grammar is undoubtedly a part of language learning, but it shouldn't be the central element and it certainly doesn't have to be difficult. Learn English with Team English and learn grammar the easy way!

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Vivek Pathak
Vivek Pathak
14 nov 2023

I can't believe how much my grammar has improved in such a short time! The interactive lessons and practical exercises make learning enjoyable and effective. Thank you to the Spoken English Institute for making grammar learning so accessible.

Me gusta
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